Protecting important resources.

As a company in the energy industry, consistency and security are critical to your organization because it has a significant impact on others. But, with regularly updating technology, evolving threats from nation-state actors, and changing regulations, it can be difficult to keep up and make changes to your operations. And, because these systems are critical to the country, it means scrutiny from government agencies. Finding a way to navigate through it all can seem daunting for any organization, large or small.

Teknologize works to help streamline operations so that you’re running efficiently. Our proactive approach keeps working in the background so that issues don’t crop up. And with our knowledge and expertise with NERC CIP standards and other regulations we to ensure that you stay compliant with regulations. This means you can focus on providing energy to the world safely and securely.

Work with us

Let Teknologize help with:

  • Accountability / visibility
  • Data integrity and security
  • Regulatory reporting and compliance
  • Business continuity planning

Here's how we do it:


We meet with you to discuss and review your business goals and IT needs.


We make a recommendation in line with the industry and customized to your business.


We implement your solution and maintain it to keep your business running and compliant.

What our clients say

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F. Pena

“Excellent service and prompt assistance.”

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“Superior service as always ~ many thanks!”

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“You guys are the best! I really appreciate the fact you don't make us feel inadequate even if it is something we could easily fix. Thank you!”

K. Bonney

"You guys are AWESOME and got my Adobe PDF email attachment error corrected in record time!”

X. LaRoque

“Everyone is always so helpful and patient when I have a problem. Thank you!

A. Garcia

“Everyone there is so helpful and always there when we need something. Thank you.”

R. Chavez

“Teknologize is quick to respond with all questions and concerns and even come straight over to our office if need be! We highly recommend their exceptional service and superior staff!”

A. Munn

“The response was fast and the solution was accomplished quickly and the tech person was friendly and supportive.”

D. Lease

“Staff was quick to make sure that we weren't bringing a virus into the system. Everything was seamless and took little time and disruption.”

L. Gutierrez

“Problem solved! Woot Woot!! Always GREAT!”

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“Problem addressed and solved very quickly!”

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S. Pederson

“What would I ever do without IT!”

C. Colee

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S. Zessin

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S. Duncan

“Teknologize goes above and beyond to make sure that all my issues are fixed in an efficient and effective manner. Your service and follow ups are very much appreciated."

D. Gamboa

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A. Chapman