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Teknologize has been serving the Kennewick area since 2011, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

The Network Stack. What REALLY Runs Your Business?

By Christian Vazquez

Part One: The Internet

When is the last time your internet went down? Were you at home? Were you at work? In either case, how did that affect you? No doubt you were probably in the middle of watching the final episode of the final season of (*insert guilty pleasure popular show here*) or trying to hurry up and wrap up some work on a Friday afternoon at 4:50pm.

As a society we have become incredibly dependent on the internet, and our businesses are no exception.

When the internet doesn't work, many times our businesses aren't either.

So what does it really mean to say "the internet is down?" We're going to answer that below, but we'll keep it short and sweet since really all we want to know is who to call to get the Netflix back up and running.

The internet is comprised of many many connections that go many many places. For most of us our piece of the pie is connected via a modem, usually a black box, that connects to the wall. The job of this box is simply to authenticate and communicate with the outside world. Think of it like your ticket to the wild party that is the internet. You pay the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and they give you a modem (ticket) to get into the party. Simple enough, right? That is the internet.

So if it's that simple, what causes it to break? Well, there are many reasons, but really there's usually only a few. If that sounds like a contradiction, it's because it kind of is, but don't worry it'll make sense shortly.

One reason is that the modem forgets who it is or it locks up, which is usually solved by turning it off and back on to help it snap back to. After all, everything is basically a computer now, right? So turn it off and back on. Problem solved. Kind of like if your ticket to the party gets smudged. It's still "good", just not legible and needs to be reprinted.

Another common reason is that the physical connection to the internet is somehow damaged. What do we mean by this? Well, have you ever seen some of those "Call before you dig" signs? It's the same idea as with water lines, if someone busts a pipe upstream, or turns off a valve upstream you get no water. If someone cuts a fiber cable, or runs over a utility box you may not have internet. Unfortunately, because this is a physical problem, no amount of technical talent or hacking is going to fix it. We simply must wait on the guys wearing the orange vests, standing around watching the other guy wearing the orange vest. *just kidding*

The last common issue is lack of proper authentication. This can be caused by not paying the bill or the changing of usernames, passwords, or network information at the Internet Service Provider level.

There you have it. The excitement and complexity of why your internet stops working summed up in a few short paragraphs. Granted, while the principles outlined are accurate, this is an oversimplification. If you'd like to find out more write to us at or join us for one of our lunch and learns.

Call Before You Dig


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Don't Eat Salad

If you've ever been on a diet, you know how AWESOME it would be if you had someone to walk around with you and slap unhealthy food out of your hand. Problem solved right? Unfortunately not all of us can have that luxury in our dieting.

We can however have that luxury in our activities on the internet, and now you do!!!

Teknologize is proud to offer and introduce yet another layer of security to all of our clients that slaps the bad websites and programs right out of your hands anytime you try to click them.

Did you know that most attacks aren't the result of sophisticated movie type hacks? No, instead most security breaches are due to individuals clicking or opening something they weren't supposed to.

We recognize that there are many security threats out there, most of which target the average computer business user. For example, suppose you see a link either in a website, or your email or perhaps you install an application on your computer. Many times these links or programs are disguised to look like something they are not, perhaps stating that they come from UPS.com but in reality come from and go somewhere else. How is one to know?

To illustrate, you're on your diet so you're trying to eat healthy and so you opt for a salad. Little do you know that the salad actually has more fat, carbs and calories than the large fries! That's where Teknologize jumps in and slaps that salad right out of your hand! Why? Because Teknologize has the insider information to know that the link, or in this example the salad, is bad for you and you certainly don't want that in your system. Our security systems monitor inbound and outbound traffic against known and unknown patterns that could indicate a security concern.

This offering does much more to protect your network, everything from URL filtering, to reporting, to botnet detection, and best of all these benefits are available whether you are in the office or on the go! So when you see an image like the one attached, know that Teknologize is protecting your machine, your network, and your business. Truly it's like having one of our technicians ready to slap your hand away from the mouse everywhere you go! We certainly don't want to hurt anyone's feelings though, so don't push it.

2017 03 30 15 02 49 Site Blocked

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A Typo that Shutdown Amazon

By Byron Martin

On February 28th a typo took out the internet. Many may have felt or heard of the 4-hour outage Amazon AWS had in one of its main datacenters. They were initially troubleshooting some minor issues they were having but due to a mistyped command, one of their engineers inadvertently wiped out several of their primary operating servers which took down the entire datacenter! 

At 9:37AM PST, an authorized S3 team member using an established playbook executed a command which was intended to remove a small number of servers for one of the S3 subsystems that is used by the S3 billing process. Unfortunately, one of the inputs to the command was entered incorrectly and a larger set of servers was removed than intended.”

The Amazon S3 system is used by 148,213 sites according to market research firm SimilarTech. Sites such as Salesforce, Netflix, Spotify, Pinterest and Buzzfeed.

Amazon AdobeDownDetector

It then took Amazon 4 hours to get everything running again, unfortunately that was in the heart of the business day and many businesses were severely impacted.

“During AWS' four-hour disruption, S&P 500 companies lost $150 million, according to analysis by Cyence, a startup that models the economic impact of cyberrisk. US financial services companies lost an estimate $160 million, the company estimates.” From <http://www.businessinsider.com/aws-outage-hurt-internet-retailers-except-amazon-2017-3>

It’s estimated that over the next year, Amazons AWS services alone will be a 14-Billion-dollar business and as it stands it already represents 56% of all their operating income. Last month Amazon said that their AWS arm brought in $926 million in operating income from $3.53 billion in revenue in fourth quarter 2016 which is up 47% from this time last year.

So, does the recent outage mean that we should be concerned about the cloud? No way. The fact was under reported but AWS has several other datacenters that continued to operate fine.  Those that were affected by the outage have options to utilize georedundant datacenters to avoid interruptions in just this type of scenario. Many AWS customers may not have subscribed to those redundancies due to additional costs in services and since AWS has had such a great track record. I’m sure now many are considering those available services. 

As you can see from the quick numbers shared, Amazon AWS is experiencing massive growth in the cloud services arena. Others such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are also experiencing massive growth. In the tech world, there are so many more benefits to moving to the cloud and we’ll continue to see products and services move that way. 

There are simply way too many benefits to moving to the cloud, as technology continues to advance.  

For now I thought it would be fun to share a few details about what happened with the recent Amazon AWS outage especially for those of you where were affected by it. In the near future I hope to write about why so many things are moving to the cloud and what advantages can be of benefit.  

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5 Tips for Saving Money on your IT

Saving a little on your technology can go a long ways, but cutting too many corners can lead to additional problems and expensive downtime. Here are a few ways you can cut costs without creating long term issues.

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That oversight made a bigger number of servers be taken disconnected than they'd needed. Two of those servers ran some imperative ... Read More
Saturday, 20 May 2017 08:40
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Disaster Recovery and Why it Matters to Washington Businesses

When you mention the term 'disaster recovery,' most people think about the big ground-shattering events like earthquakes, fires, floods, tropical storms, etc. While these natural events are certainly disasters and devastating in their own right, smaller things can constitute as a disaster for your business, and they aren't seasonal.

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